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Since launching in 2016, we’ve helped to change the way you can upload files on the internet. We want you to feel free and unrestricted when using our service, as we believe that is the way it should always be online.

Whether you are a regular user of Uploadfiles, or are returning to the site after some time away, you are always welcome here. Use your existing log-in details to access your upload file account, or request a password reset link that will be sent to your registered email.

The Uploadfiles community is wide and varied and features everyone from one-off free users, to regular uploaders and entrepreneurs selling their files to customers. We’re a file hosting company that do whatever is possible to make the service is as easy and straightforward as possible, so you can focus on uploading and storing your data.

Aside from our online portal, we also have a desktop app that keeps you connected to your files on our secure servers. Installing the app means any files stored in your local folder will automatically update on Uploadfiles, giving you peace of mind your data is fully backed up. It’s easy to access with one click of the icon on your OS tray, where you can see how files uploading to your account are progressing and more.


Online security is one of the biggest concerns facing everyone online – whether you run a business or simply browse the net for fun. Malware is becoming more intelligent and you have to be careful what you click and download. Even the leading security apps are playing catch up when it comes to warding off cyber-attacks.

Uploadfiles places security and privacy above everything else, whether you are a video uploader or just sending documents. You won’t find any pop-up ads, bitcoin miners, push notifications or ‘quizzes’ that could infect your computer on our site.

We know how important your data is to you, which is why your file uploads are retained on several servers in multiple locations. Businesses can also enjoy the benefits of using our service safe in the knowledge their sensitive information can be kept away from prying eyes. Any file upload can be secured with an individual password for another layer of protection, making Uploadfiles one of the safest and reliable file hosting services online today.